Dixie Power Discount Cooperative with Bloomington Dental in St. George, Utah

Here at Bloomington Dental, we are committed to providing the very best patient care possible.  That doesn’t just mean teeth cleaning and dental procedures (although we do those exceptionally well!) – it means taking care of our patients however we can.  It means knowing the needs of our community and making a commitment to invest in their success and happiness.

Did you know that one of the ways we invest in our patients is by being a member of the Dixie Power electric cooperative?  An electric cooperative is a private, non-profit company established by the members, for the members.  Members of the cooperative chip in funds that help deliver power to the community (in our case, to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona), and any profits are reinvested in building electrical infrastructure or are distributed back to the members. Since 1946, the Dixie Power electric cooperative has provided these services and benefits to its members and communities, helping them succeed in the sometimes-turbulent economic circumstances we face in this part of the country.  

So what does that mean for Bloomington Dental patients?  It means we pass the benefits from our cooperative membership on to you!  For starters, non-insurance patients can receive 20% off of all dental procedures.  If you’re a Dixie Power customer, just mention them at your next appointment and you’ll get the discount.  And as if that wasn’t cool enough, all new patients will receive a free custom whitening kit as a thank-you for being a part of the Dixie Power electric cooperative community.

And the benefits don’t end with us – as a member of the Dixie Power cooperative, you have access to discounts on products and services from dozens of participating local and national businesses.  Visit the Dixie Power Co-op Connections Card web page for a full list of participating businesses and more details on other benefits of being a member of the cooperative.

Since 1997, Bloomington Dental has been a proud member of the Dixie Power electric cooperative.  Being a part of the cooperative is so much more than a business deal or a financial investment. It is truly an investment in our community, in our parents and kids, and in the future of Southern Utah.  We care about our patients – their health, their happiness, and their success. We’re happy to pass on savings to you through products and services, but want you to be aware of all the benefits available to you as well.

Have questions about the Dixie Power electric cooperative, your benefits, or Bloomington Dental?  Feel free to reach out to us by phone at 435-674-9977 or stop on by, or visit the Dixie Power webpage at https://www.dixiepower.com/.